Executive chef

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The executive chef is working very hard, as it can work over 12 hours a day.
He is in charge ofplanning the menus, give tramite the restaurant, administrative everything from the kitchen, (inventories). It almost does not happen so much time in thekitchen
The executive chef's job depends on how big the restaurant where they work, part of their work is having a good relations with the kitchenstaff.
The chef's job ends when the chef and other workers have completed their work and everything is ready for the next day.


Thesuos chef is responsible for the dishes come to the table ready to Customer table.
He is one of the first to arrive at work, is responsible forscheduling staff and overseeing the cooks and staff when the chef is not in the kitchen. The chef should supervise suos that inventories are stock withenough to do the dishes the menu is the chef who reports if necessary to make a change to the menu.


The station chef arecooking dishes.
the chef de station arrive at work after the executive chef and suos chef. When they arrive wing handle kitchen should haveeverything you need to work poer (mis en place).
The chef I work for station is small, but still meets all the dishes that you requested.
Prior tocompleting the work day must leave your workstation clean and that is how to end your day with the satisfaction of having fulfilled customer expectations.
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