External locus can kill creativity

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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2012
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A stronger external locus control can kill someone’s creativity

Do people who receive external support lose their creativity?

The locus of control is a relation between the behavior and itsconsequences of individuals. It is usually divided in two or three roots depending on the theory you observe, but basically are internal or external.
People who have an external locus control areusually affected by the environment and/or other’s people opinions owing to that they believe that what they do is controlled by someone else. Given this, locus external control people frequently base theirwork in someone else’s opinion and require more external validation for them efforts.

But, how it works and which are the facts that affect an internal locus control?
At the beginning when we arechildren, we do things because we like to do them and we do not expect any rewards and motivation, the only satisfaction we need is to feel comfortable with what we are doing and then see thingsdone. But later on, in schools we start to see a kind of reward which is a good note on our work and we start to notice that if we want greater notes we have to deliver better works. So we start to workfor a note and not for a benefit in ourselves. There are exceptional cases which are students that realize since the very beginning that the benefit is learning what we were taught. This evolves andgrows when we have a job. We see that the more we develop our ideas and deliver better works, the better paying we receive. Even so when our parents in schools and bosses in our jobs tell us that we aredoing a great job and we do things expecting more comfortable words and gifts (in the case of students-parents) or money (in the case of worker-boss).

Imagine the case of a singer who has beendiscovered by any producer. He starts to work with him and at the beginning he writes his songs, uses the words and instruments he wants, do the changes he wants, etc. At first he releases and sells a...
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