Facebook marketing

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Facebook Marketing

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Advance Praise for Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day
Not only does FBMHD provide a practical framework for Facebook marketing, but it also offers a 360-degree perspective on how social media connectswith a cross-section of marketing disciplines. By reading and using FBMHD, social-savvy marketers gain the strategies, tactics, and tools to cross the chasm from a hope-it-works community to a well-performing channel for marketing and communications. —Adam Weinroth, VP of Strategic Marketing, Demand Media Facebook is a powerful new marketing platform and thanks to this book it, just got a wholelot easier to understand and tap. —John Jantsch, author of The Referral Engine This is the only book that walks you through every step of creating, implementing, measuring, and optimizing a successful strategy for engaging on Facebook. Featuring proven strategies and techniques, this approachable guide walks the walk. It shows marketers at all levels how to roll up their sleeves, jump in, and getwinning results quickly. —Brian Goldfarb, director, Microsoft The best marketing engages buyers with valuable information at the precise moment they are receptive. That’s why my chiropractor shares video exercises with me on Facebook! And it’s darned effective, too. If you want to learn how to tap the communications tool of choice for hundreds of millions of people around the world, study FacebookMarketing. The real-world examples from organizations of all kinds are especially valuable for those who still need to be convinced (like your boss). —David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR, now published in 24 languages Even though (or perhaps because) it’s transforming the way businesses interact with customers and prospects, Facebook is often confusing andcounterintuitive. Not anymore. Chris and Mari have created the Holy Grail, a book where nearly every page is worthy of an underline, highlight, or dog ear. With some companies posting to Facebook twice a month, and others posting banalities four times daily, the content strategy guidelines alone make this book indispensable. Buy two copies—keep one for yourself and mail one to a company whoseunfocused Facebook approach drives you crazy. —Jay Baer, Convince & Convert Mari Smith quickly became THE go-to expert before the crowds flocked to Facebook, realizing how powerful this channel is for business. Mari, teamed up with Facebook analytics expert Chris Treadaway, have created an absolute masterpiece! Facebook

Marketing: An Hour a Day is long overdue, and every reader is lucky to have thisbook at their fingertips so they can tap into the mind of these pioneers and accelerate their success on Facebook by applying these tips. If you want to know exactly how to position yourself as the go-to expert among the millions of users on Facebook and drive droves of paying clients to your website, you must get a copy of this book! —Deborah Cole Micek, aka: @CoachDeb, founder of QuanSite.comand author of Twitter Revolution and Secrets of Online Persuasion The social media world is full of people saying they know this tool or that tool. But there’s a reason “Mari Smith” is the first name people think of when they think “Facebook marketing.” This book shows you how the world’s largest social network can be leveraged for your business. And it’s written by one of few people out there whoactually has shown companies how to succeed on Facebook. If you’re trying to leverage Facebook to reach your customers, this book should be on your shelf. It’s on mine. —Jason Falls, Social Media Explorer Every marketer knows they need to be on Facebook and other social networks, but few know how to do it right. Chris and Mari have created what is essentially a user’s manual for anyone managing...
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