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  • Publicado : 21 de octubre de 2010
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Nathalie Rubio


I’m a feminist. I believe, the women can do whatever she proposes to her self. That is unbelievable, I know. The women on these time,shortcoming because she think, she have a limit. The men think we only can do clean, cook, raise kids and fate. But if they think that why they can’t live with us? In some differentplace in this world the women can’t decide for him self. In place like Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Iran, India and more (south America and orients). Men think the women is like salve butfor him self only.
MEN CAN’T LIVE IF THEM NOT HAVE A WOMEN BEGIN HIM. Why because them need someone to cook for him or wash or staid with the child or bas him the beer. Men areinutile, Why I’m said this? Because men’s can’t do something for him self alone. They can’t pit down the lid of the toilet or wake up early on Sunday or Saturday.

“Feminismrefers to movements aimed at establishing and defending equal political, economic, and social rights and equal opportunities for women”. The women are discriminate by the society ofman. You luck back in times or now and you see many and many women contribution to this world, something positive. You see more women study, I see more women’s in the universities.Where are the mans on drugs, liven with him mom, jail, institutes because they waist her time in high school, etc. Are you gating my point is simple. MENS WAIST HER TIME. I nowmany women that she waned to be something in this world and she propose and she work for that. DREAMS.

Finally we need to stop the discrimination. Mans are lazy because theydon’t do thing on his on. We the woman’s are the best part, we always doing something. On mi house is my brother the lazy man. We see more woman’s was the shift or the families.
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