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English Dialogue
A:Alejandro Gomez, F: Francisco Domingo, J: Javier Gomez, O: Oscar Huespe, AA: Andrea Aldea, I: Ivette Del Gallego.
The life in Venezuela
In the restaurant……………
F: hey did you go to the last Friday party?
J: yes but i dont remember anything, just you and some guy entering the bathroom several times, thats very weird.
F: yes………..weird.
J: wait did you broke up with yourgirlfriend like a month ago?
F: why do you ask?
J: oh that explain why you were so romantic with that guy the other nigth
Awkward silence…..
Meanwhile in petare
A: yooo my friend wirkinson whats up?
O:nothing my man yerkeison im a little short on money and yurweitsy is asking for more money still
A: and why is she asking for more money?
O: because we had another child bro…
A:another one?? Man you two like a lot the chaka chaka dont you?
O: i cant say no ahahah
O: so whats the plan are we gonna rob some blackberrys and some money ¨for the panas¨you know what im talking about
A: yes yes my friend, i know some ¨rikitos de mami¨that are in a restaurant in caracas , they have a lot of cash in their hands
O: what do you think? Kidnapped them?
A: you know me better thananyone lets do it my man
In the restaurant…
J: man i think my wife already knows that im cheating on her
F: with who? Your mom? Because ive never see you with another women besides your mom and your wife.
J: WTF? Men respect please , im cheating her with my secretary
F:well you shouldnt do that thats so bad bro
J: shut up
Meanwhile in a Bera motorcycle
O: man are we there yet? I have totake a crap and my wife gets mad if i run late to dinner she screams at me
(oscar starts to cry)
A: ¨kelokes bruja¨ dont start to cry, speccially if you are crying beacuse of a woman
O: im sorry man lets do this
O: are we there yet?
A: yes we are, its time to rob
A: put your hands in the air ploploplo
F: what is happening? Ohhh get off of me you have germs iiiuuuu
O: shut up motherfocalets go
J: hey and me? You forgot me
A: huh? Ehh sure lets go
J: thanks now my wife wont hit me tonigh because she wont see me ohh yeah oh yeah
AA: why is wirkinson havent come home yet?
AA: (screaming) wirkinson veni a cenal
O: oh men my yurweitsy is gonna kill me, where are we gonna keep these rikitos de mami?
A: lets keep them in my crip ploploplo, see you later
AA: wirkinson wherehave you been? Where is my money
O: im sorry I don’t have it but I’ll get it don’t worry
AA: stupid you don’t do anything good
(Andrea hits Oscar)
In yerkeison house
A: you two sit over there and if you ever scream talk or breath ill plo plo plo your ass
F: but what about my dinner, I need to have my fillet mignon and my fruits that I have from east France
J: and what about my mom INEED MY MOM
A: WTH? You are a grown men just shut up or ploploploplo
At the other day …..
O: yerkeison what’s up where are te rikitos de mami?
A: there are on the other room, what happened on your eye?
O: oh my wife hit me…
A: ahahahahhaha
In the other room…….
F: I just bought a yacht with my mom it cost me 4 million dollars.
J: the one I bought with my mom cost me 5 haha
F: I bought a newFerrari for my mom it cost me 2 million
J: I bought I Lamborghini for my mom it cost me 1.5 million
F: why do people tell us that we have mommy issues?
J: I don’t understand why
F: do you think will get out alive of this?
J: sure my mommy will save us
F: oh thank god our mommy’s rocks , and your wife is she worried?
J: oh no she wanna kill me so I bet she must be praying that I don’tcome back home anymore.
A: could you please shut up we are trying to have a conversation here, if not ploploplo
O: lets se what we have here , 2 little mama’s boys how about if you start to give us some money so if you don’t we will kill you
J: who cares
F: SHUT UP, do you want to see your mom again don’t you?
F: if we give you 1 million do you let us go? I can’t stand the germs around here...