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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2012
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At the end of the session the student:
◦ Will know the basic concepts of Fireworks. ◦ Will know the difference between bit maps and vector graphs. ◦ Will understandFirework’s importance by a first example.

Adobe Fireworks CS3 is an application. It is very efficient for the quick creation of: Allows the creation andmanipulation of web images
◦ Bitmaps ◦ Vector graphs ◦ WebSites ◦ User's interfaces

Menu's bar

Tool’s Panel Work area (Canvas)



Formed byindependent geometric objects Each one defined by Mathamatical aspects
◦ Shape ◦ Position ◦ Color ◦ Polygons ◦ Rows

Formed by a grill (matrix) of color dots (pixel)Graphs are defined by: Color deepness(bits by bits). These features affect the graph quality. Bitmaps
◦ Height ◦ Width


Choose File> Open. In the dialogbox choose example.jpg. Click open. The document will appear.

In the toolbox choose Zoom.

Drag a rectangle around the eyes area.

In the Bitmap section ofthe toolbox, choose the Seal > Red-eye removal.

Drag the Red-eye removal over the monkey's pupils and release the mouse. Note: This tool avoid the unintentionalmodification.

Monkey´s pupils have a more natural look.

Fireworks is a very powerful tool when creating and managing of graphs, either vector or bitmaps. With veryfew steps, professional retouches can be made.

bring an image containing red eyes. It is very important that the dimensions of the picture are 640x480 or higher. s.html consulted 13-Jul-2012

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