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  • Publicado : 28 de abril de 2011
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Jean Fernández 2/15/2011

Our today´s homework consists onwrite on e-mail message, things we have learned today.
This is what I wrote on my notebook:

There are Majors and Minors degrees

A Major is the focus of the bachelor´s degreeI am studying (Example: accounting, Marketing, etc)
A minor is like the emphasis of the bachelor´s degree I took and it is optional.

There are: 1. Undergraduate degree. 2.Graduate degree.

An Undergraduate degree is divided into:
1. A Bachelor´s degree.
2. An associate degree. (when someone finishes two years. Associating this with somethingthat I know, it is like a “Técnico” here in Panama).
In U.S.A. you need a Bachelor´s degree before studying Medicine or Law.

A Master´s degree is for people that have finishedtheir major.
A Graduate Certificate is what we used to call in Panama as “Post-grado”.

Also we talked about the usage of the word “career”. “You do not study a career, you have acareer”. That means that when we finish our studies we HAVE a career.

Example of a letter for debtor students:

Dear student,

Please make paynment of __________($). This amountwas due on ___________(date).Consecuently, overdue charges for _________($) are to be paid as well.

New words for me:
1. Major: título
2. Minor: especialización.
3.Graduate Certificate: Post Grado.
4. Doctorate: Doctorado.
5. As of date: a la fecha.
6. Next to last (talking about proximity)

Questions viewed:
1. What do you wantto major in?
2. What Master´s program are you interested in?

-----------------------------------That´s it!!----------------------------------------
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