Flow: love for water

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  • Publicado : 29 de septiembre de 2010
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Flow: Love for water

The documentary is about how the world is suffering every time for the water that is essential to live, the water is more and more contaminated by garbage or altered bychemists that are used to clean the water . more than 2 million persons die every year for illnesses related to water, the majority children. the documentary mentions that there are wars for petroleum andif this continuous like that also there will be wars for the water.
The United States
every year persons fall ill for taking tap water .one of the problems is the quantity of microbes thatcontains the drinking water, they do not do anything to remove the chemicals, garbage, pesticides and others...
the harvests form a big problem since the same quantity does not grow and they needmore more water.
The atrizina is a herbicide that destroys the weeds and is used in the corn harvest and is what more contains the drinking water, is made in a Swiss company, this component altersthe hormones and studies demonstrate that there are changes of sex in the frogs exposed to atrizin.
In the Andhra Pradesh state 70 thousand persons died last year.
the problem in Bolivia isthat not all the persons can have drinking water because of which there is no sewerage, and the rivers that cross the whole city of el Alto that contaminated by human wastes
South Africa
southAfrica it is very poor and they not all can give themselves the luxury of paying for drinking water for all, for the families that obtain the water of the river the health department said that theymust place a tablet to the river, although this water is free they have to manage buying the tablet. in some areas they have a community faucet but not always salt water

One of the targets of themillennium is to limit to the half the number of persons without drinking water for 2015 but if they keep on giving drinking water using the conventional methods, using a water treatment head office...
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