Forest gump

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Then he threw some milk at me,
and I jumped out of my chair and ran away. A day or two later, after
school in the afternoon, he and his friends came up to me and
started pushing and hitting me.Then they ran after me across the
football field. I ran away fast!
I saw that Coach Fellers was watching me. He had a strange look
on his face, and he came and told me to put on my football suit.That afternoon, he gave me the ball to run with. The others started
running after me, and I ran as fast as I could. When they caught me,
it needed eight of them to pull me down! Coach Fellers wasreally
happy! He started jumping up and down and laughing. And after
that, everybody liked me.
We had our first game, and I was frightened. But they gave me
the ball, and I ran over the goal linetwo or three times. People were
really kind to me after that!
Then something happened which was not so good.
‘I want to take Jenny Curran to the cinema,’ I told Mom one day.
So she phoned Jenny’sMom and explained. Next evening, Jenny
arrived at our house, wearing a white dress, and with a pink flower
in her hair. She was the prettiest thing that I ever saw.
The cinema was not far fromour house. Jenny got the tickets,
and we went inside. The film was about a man and a woman,
Bonnie and Clyde, and there was a lot of shooting and killing. Well,
I laughed a lot. But when I did this,people looked at me, and Jenny
got down lower and lower in her place. Once I thought she was on
the floor, and I put my hand on her shoulder to pull her up. But I
pulled her dress, and it cameopen, and she screamed.
I tried to put my hands in front of her, because there were people
looking at us. Then two men came and took me to an office. A few
minutes later, four policemen arrived, andtook me to the police
Mom came to the police station. She was crying, and I knew that
I was in trouble again. And I was in trouble, but I was lucky. Next
day, a letter arrived from a...
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