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Project Idea Note or PIN

Description of size and quality expected of a PIN

Basically a PIN will consist of approximately 5 pages providing indicative information on:
• the type and size of the project
• its location
• the anticipated total amount of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction compared to the “business-as-usual” scenario (which will be elaborated in the baseline later on atProject Design Document [PDD] level)
• the suggested crediting life time
• the suggested Certified Emission Reductions (CER) price in US$/ton CO2eq reduced
• the financial structuring (indicating which parties are expected to provide the project’s financing)
• the project’s other socio-economic or environmental effects/benefits

While every effort should be made to provide as complete andextensive information as possible, it is recognised that full information on every item listed in the template will not be available at all times for every project.

Template for PINs


A. Project description, type, location and schedule

Name of Project:____________________________

Technical summary of the project Date submitted:_____________

Objective of theproject Describe in less than 5 lines
Project description and proposed activities (including a technical description of the project) About ½ page
Technology to be employed Describe in less than 5 lines. Please note that support can only be provided to projects that employ commercially available technology. It would be useful to provide a few examples of where the proposed technology has beenemployed.

Project developer
Name of the project developer
Organizational category Government / Government agency / Municipality / Private company / Non Governmental Organization
(mention what is applicable)
Other function(s) of the project developer in the project Sponsor / Operational entity / Intermediary / Technical advisor /
(mention what is applicable)
Summary of the relevantexperience of the project developer Describe in less than 5 lines
Address Address, PO Box, City, Country
Contact person Name of the Project Development Manager
Telephone / fax
E-mail and web address, if any
Project sponsors
(List and provide the following information for all project sponsors)
Name of the project sponsor
Organizational category Government / Government agency / Municipality /Private company / Non Governmental Organization /
(mention what is applicable)
Address (include web address, if any) Address, PO Box, City, Country
Main activities Not more than 5 lines
Summary of the financials Summarize the financials (total assets, revenues, profit, etc.) in less than 5 lines.
Type of the project
Greenhouse gases targeted CO2 / CH4 / N2O / HFCs / PCFs / SF6
(mentionwhat is applicable)
Type of activities Abatement / CO2 Sequestration
Field of activities
a. Energy supply Renewable energy, excluding biomass / biomass / cogeneration / improving energy efficiency by replacing existing equipment / minimization of transport and distribution / fuel switch (e.g., switch coal to biomass)
(mention what is applicable)
b. Energy demand Replacement of existing“household equipment” / improvement of energy efficiency of existing production equipment
(mention what is applicable)
c. Transport More efficient engines for transport / modal shift / fuel switch (e.g. public transport buses fuelled by natural gas)
(mention what is applicable)
d. Waste management Capture of landfill methane emissions / utilization of waste and wastewater emissions
(mention what isapplicable)
e. Land Use Change and
Forestry Afforestation/ reforestation/ forest management/ wetlands management/ watershed management/ improved agriculture / land degradation prevention
(mention what is applicable)
Location of the project
Region East Asia & Pacific / South Asia / Central Asia / Middle East / North Africa / Subsaharan Africa / Southern Africa / Central America & the...
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