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I Clerval then put the following letter from the
My dear cousin:
Can not describe the anxiety we have felt
for your health.
We can not help but think that your friendClerval us
concealed the extent of your disease, for many months now we do not see your own handwriting. All this time I've been forced to dictate letters to Henry, what
indicating, Victor, you musthave been very sick. This saddens us almost as much as the death of your
dear mother. My uncle was so convinced of your severity, which cost much discouraged his idea of ​​traveling to Ingolstadt.Clerval constantly assures us that
improvements, I sincerely hope soon to show us the truth of this claim by letter tu68
handwriting, because we have them all, Victor, very concerned. Tranquilízanosin this regard, and we will be the
World's happiest beings. Your father is so good
health, which seems to have rejuvenated ten years from the
last winter. Ernest has barely changed while
wouldknow, is turning sixteen and has lost sickly I had a few years ago, has a
overflowing vitality.
My uncle and I talked at length last night about the profession that Ernest had to choose. Continuedchildhood illness prevented him from creating habits
study. Now that goda healthy, often over the
day outdoors, hiking or rowing on the lake.
I suggest you do farmer, you know, cousin, that
this hasbeen a dream that has always cherished. Life
Farmer is healthy and happy and the profession is less harmful, rather, more beneficial to all. My uncle thought
in advocacy for that with his influence,could then
be judge. But apart from that it is not able to
it at all, I think it is more honorable to cultivate the land for sustenance of mankind to be the confidant
and even complicit in theirvices, that is the task of the lawyer. That the work of a prosperous farmer, if not more
honorable, at least it was more pleasant than a judge whose
is the sad fate of constantly interfered in the...
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