Fundamentos de administracion

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CENTRO DE BACHILLERATO TECNOLOGICO industrial y de servicio Nº 205

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We are students of the CBTis Nº 205 of the computer science specialty and today we are going to speak about the computer its components to them and like installing the operating system Windows 7A computer is an electronic computer that receives and processes data to turn them useful information. A computer is a collection of integrated circuits and other related components that can execute with exactitude, rapidity and according to the indicated thing by a user or automatically by another program, a great variety of sequences or routines of instructions that are ordered, organized andsystematized in function to an ample range of practical applications and indeed determined, process to which it has been denominated to him with the name of programming and to which makes it calls programmer to him.
Peripheral and the auxiliary devices
A Monitor that is an output device that, by means of an interface, shows the results, or the graphs of the processing of a computer. Severaltypes of monitors exist: those of cathode ray tube (or CRT), those of plasma screen (PDP), those of LCD (or LCD), of panels of organic diodes of emission of light (YOU SMELL), or Laser-TV, among others. A computer keyboard is peripheral, physical or a virtual one (for example tactile keyboards in screen or keyboards), used for the introduction of orders and data in a computer.

The Mouse is aperipheral one of computer of manual use, used like entrance or control of data.

A printer is a peripheral one of computer that allows producing a permanent copy of texts or document graphs stored in electronic format, imprison in luster paper the data in average physicists, normally in paper or transparencies, using red cartridges or laser technology.

Hard Drive is a system of digital magneticrecording, is where in most of the cases the Operating system of the computer resides. In hard disks the data of the user are stored. In him we found within the housing a series of metallic plates piled up turning at great speed. On these plates the mall pillows in charge are located to read or to write the magnetic impulses.
There are two basic parts that to explain to understand the computer,these parts are: software and the hardware.

The hardware is the common term mind used for the physical components of a computer. This one is the most basic level in which the computer works. The commanding height to remember is that all the information is processed electronically by the Hardware.
The computers are integrated by a series of electronic components that are the people in charge oftheir correct operation. Among them they emphasize:
The CPU (CPU) is the brain of the PC. One is in charge to process the instructions and the data with which the computer works. The processor is the most important device and the one than more influences in its speed when analyzing information.

Ram memory or main memory is the ram, in which instructions and data keep from the programs so thatthe CPU can accede directly to them through external bus of data of high speed.

The Rom memory is the single memory for reading. It is the part of the main storage of the computer that does not lose its content when the energy is interrupted. It contains essential programs of the system that neither the computer nor the user can erase, like that allow him to initiate the operation whenever thecomputer ignites.

Hard Drive is the secondary storage device that uses several rigid disks covered with a magnetically sensible material. It is lodged, along with the reading heads, in a mechanism sealed in hermetic form, in which the programs and all the archives created by the user keep when it works with those programs. Between more capacities it has a hard disk, more information and...
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