Future security council possible topics

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  • Publicado : 8 de marzo de 2011
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Futuristic Security Council Possible Themes
Due to the intangible nature of the committee it is complicated to try to propose themes without before having a well stabilized and routed background.
Iconsider that in order for the delegates to feel as though they are actually living a situation from another time, the best option would be to give a theme that would involve disturbs in many aspectssuch as social, political, military, climatically, energy-related, etc. Nonetheless for the purpose and time of the debate, this may result overwhelming for both the chair and the delegates to copewith. So, a theme that I consider interesting and that encloses many aspects, but not too many, is the disputes and tension there is over power in that time, which is after all what humanity has alwayssearched for.
The meaning of this is that due to how the future crisis over oil shortage, climate change, social discomfort and inevitable changes will strike mankind, there will be in general aninconformity over the way of life. More concretely, some of these actions will be for example:
• Social disturbs in already unstable countries, this would be occasioned by the economical changes thatlesser countries can’t cope with. So, the happiness of the population that is governed would tend to express their inconformity.
• Lack of a source of energy, since oil would start to get veryexpensive, some countries are prepared for this, but the great majority would suffer a big blow to their economy and way of life. Even countries prepared for this would be greatly affected by this matter
•Acts of terrorism against what the terrorists consider oppressive powers. Since destructive weapons would naturally be developed the access to these would become easier eventually, which would lead toradical groups taking drastic decisions.
• Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, extreme heat, extreme cold. Many of these would be occasioned by the trash and global warming that we...
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