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  • Publicado : 31 de agosto de 2010
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As Lopez loses support Gaitan increased. The gaitanismo, was a political movement led by Jorge Eliecer Gaitan a liberal leader. Its objective was to improve life conditions of people whoneeded help. He thought that liberal party should take some ideals from socialism. Many people support this movement like workers and peasants. He thought that this country needed more democracy andjustice, where every people could receive wealth not just rich people.
He started with his popular movement UNIR starting with the Gaitanismo and dividing the liberal party, the movement UNIR foughtfor people’s equality where wealth could be spread for everyone no matter if they were rich or poor. Gaitan thought that the liberal party should take some socialist ideas respecting democracy. He justnot wants to poor people beneficiate also medium and high classes of people.
Gaitanismo became stronger in the 1946 when he showed himself as an independent candidate to the presidency but thedivision of the liberal party and the opposites don’t let him won but it showed that he won more followers to him and to the liberal party even oppositions started in that period to support him. Gaitan'sexploits were followed not only in Bogota, where crowds accompanied him home each evening, but throughout the country.
In this movement Gaitan also looked for help to the citizens to give something tothis country and work together to make more equality, justice and make this country better. Outside Bogota and Cundinamarca Gaitan found some of his strongest support Gaitan attempted manypolicy-related innovations, such as proposing legislation on land redistribution and voting rights. Focusing largely on Gaitan's activities in Congress during this period

Gaitan launched his so-calleddebate before packed congressional galleries and an attentive press. For 15 days he enthusiastically pelted the government with invective and scorn. His speeches served the dual purpose of demonstrating...
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