Gallineral park

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  • Publicado : 13 de octubre de 2010
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Nature reserve situated on the banks of Fonce River, has an extension of 4 hectares, it’s beautiful trees with pending mosses create a full paradise of exotic landscapes.
The Curití stream wraps itwith their two arms before arriving at the Fonce, from there, their name of Beautiful Island; the vegetation is full of heliconias and other wild flowers, their paved roads and colonial bridges underthe shadow of the great higuerón are favorable to rest in the arms of lover and Morfeo.
The beach next to the stone of the duck is the port of arrival of the explorers of the river that later of 2hours of boating on the fast they arrive to their banks.
The Park was opened on December 13th 1985,it has also received the name of Beautiful nature reserve Island due to that thissurrounded always by water, upon flowing into the broken one Curití in the Fonce,River is opened in three arms, forming deltas of the park. All the land is cultivated with 1867 trees, that in an 80% are thecalls "gallineros" and in whose branches they are born the mosses Tilladesia usnoides that extend until forming long and elegant curtains.
According to as the arms of the river displacethemselves, similarly the Park is divided. The first arm passes for the first bridge that finds in The Gallineral, that receives in name of Carlos Martínez Forest, the other two arms of the river are foundduring all the traveled through by the Park.
* The small square of the Fame: you will find differents monuments carved in stone. It can be observed among others, the Key of Sun wherethey were expressed the signatures of the Guane of Gold winners, that is a musical contest that does the issuing one RCN of San Gil to reward to the best in the “carrangera” music. They have thesignatures since 1985 until 1999.
* The open parchment: is a tribute to the musicians recalled by always, all they already have died, to stand out Mr. Antonio Pereira that besides be the author and...
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