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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2011
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Lately, green cities have cross all borders around the world. Global warming preoccupation alerted the world and they’ve took action. With solar panels for electricity, electric cars for less combustion, constructing green buildings that are save for the environment with recycle products are one of the options that St. Paul, Minnesota is adopting. Also is ranked in 20th place for its greenliving constitution that has demonstrated the importance for the governor to have a healthier and cleaner city.

Solar cities are being created around United States; the sun is full of energy that can be used for our daily life. Mayor Christopher B. Coleman is implanting projects with electricity about using renewable energy such as solar energy. The goal here is to substitute fuel poweredelectricity with new renewable energy like wind and solar energy. Projects like this were implanted since 2000 or before. “It success makes me proud of my work in the city and let me know how interested the public is”, mayor Coleman said. Pollution is bad and being one of the cities making the difference counts. Mayor Coleman in an interview said, “Being recognized as a Solar America City gives winsand lots of people look up”. St. Paul, Minnesota is having projects like changing lights for ones more efficient and long-lasting. Minnesota is leading in the renewable energy industry; they’re sponsoring solar trainings for regulators, local government officials and solar instructors. Five priority areas are: City and state policies, financing mechanisms, integrating solar in city infrastructure,building public awareness and training education for a better use of solar energy. Electricity is need it for almost everything but in this case there are different types of energies that are becoming more efficient and better for the eco-system. About wind, Minnesota Renewable Energy Society has been giving classes to educate citizens about the efficiencies this energy has. Scholarships are beinggift to students by the government and this is promoting the interested for renewable energy. Petroleum is getting expensive and among the years we are having less, that’s why the need for other types of energy is getting more importance a change for better would never be wrong.

Transportation is one of the biggest responsible for air pollution and junk on the streets, starting for thecombustion made by the engines. The most livable city in America: St. Paul, Minnesota. Is emphasizing Eco green transportation using electric cars, hybrids and minimizing time in traffic lights to evade excessive fuel consumption. Since 1999 the interest for a green city has been intensified and mobilized by the mayor. For 6 years high-mileage and flexible fuel vehicles were implanted to the city. Toprevent air pollution. Electric cars are being the first step to begin the project Drive Electric Minnesota. “St. Paul streets are being clean up for a healthier and better life in this city,” Mayor Coleman said. The mayor plans to install 30 plug-in charging stations for the public and solar powered. Bike parks are being constructed for the benefit of the residents and bike lanes too. MayorColeman said, “Is evident that St. Paul is growing to be one of the greenest cities in United States, that’s why I’m being so compulsive about all this projects”. There is about 3 cars per house, imagine what could happen if projects liked this aren’t made. Putting a hold will improve the streets and the oxygen, for a more natural and contamination free environment. The goal is to have a car freeMinnesota by using other methods, like walking and using their bicycles. St. Paul has even planted an electric bicycle company. Is in the hand of every person in the city to help improve the system, with a clean air system becomes the benefits of healthier people and better natural resources.

According to the U.S. Green Building Council, "Buildings in the United States are responsible for 39%...
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