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At the age of 18 I decided to move to the United States, I had always heard people say that the United States is a country with many opportunities. With this decision in mind, I decided to apply for a permit to visit the United States, to see if this might be a place I would one day like to reside in. I had no idea that this would begin an adventure,which would be filled with conflict and finally resolution. My mother and I began this adventure with our first visit to the immigration office for a permit to visit the U.S. I presented myself as a student and the immigration agent denied the permit. Nine days later I tried again, but this time at another office where I presented myself as an employee. The permit was denied again by the sameimmigration officer. On the same day my mom and I walked about eight miles to another office to get a permit.
On December 30, 1999 my mother and I went to bridge #1 immigration from Piedras Negras, Coahuila, with the purpose of obtaining a permit to visit the U.S. When I arrived at the office, I was nervous, although I knew that I had to control myself, so I took a deep breath and took a number. I wentto sit next to my mom and waited. Suddenly a loud voice, like a broad range military pronounced my number. I will never forget that the number 30, because I went on December the 30th. When my ears heard that voice, I had the feeling that the permit would be denied. The immigration officer denied the permit, because my mother was not earning enough income to support my school, so to the officerthat meant there was no extra money for me to spend in the United States. The officer asked for my passport, at that moment I wanted to take off and run, because I knew if he stamps my passport, I couldn’t return to try again for another permit until days later. He asked me again for my passport and I had to give it to him. He stamped it and told me “maybe next time girl, have a good day”. I leftthe office very angry and sad, but I made a promise to myself that I would return and get that permit.
For nine days I was thinking and thinking what I could do to go to the United States, it was my dream to visit the country and find out if it was true all the comments I had heard. A lot of people told me to cross the border illegally through the river but I was too scared to do it, another toldme to go to another border like; Acuna, Coahuila or Laredo Tamaulipas but that was too complicated, because I didn’t belong to those borders, my border was Piedras Negras Coahuila. One friend told me at work, “Hey girl you should go to the bridge # 2, maybe you will have good luck in there”, and that’s what I did.
On January 10, 2000 my mother and I went again to immigration but this time to thebridge # 2. I had a lot of hope that I would be able to obtain the permit. The bridge was new, normally the people arrive in a vehicle, but my mom and I arrived walking. In that office I didn’t have to take a number, I just went inside and had a seat, after few minutes a man asked me “may I help you”, I stood up from my chair and asked him, “Can I have a permit to visit U.S”, he told me with anice voice “of course you can, but let this man help you”. The officer sent me to another man, the man had his head down, so I couldn’t see his face, the man with the nice voice said “ Hey Potter can you help this girl over here”, the man raised his head and told me, “Yes, I can, can I help you?”. He asked me two times, I was in shock; I couldn’t give him an answer back quickly. I was surprised thatthe man was the same officer from nine days ago, who denied the permit at the bridge #1. For five seconds my mind was going through lots of thoughts. What about if he remembered me, or he remembered he had denied a permit to me, or if he would remember I presented myself as a student, yet, this time I have employee papers, what should I do? “Oh God please help me”, five seconds later, I said “Oh...
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