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  • Publicado : 12 de enero de 2011
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Santiago Bulla Gomez
English 9B
Oct 1 2010
Timed Writing 2
When we want something better, bigger or newer we need to make sacrifices.Sacrifices demand time effort and energy. Sacrifices are necessary in order to achieve goals because people need to let some things go so they can get betterthings.
In The Rainman, Charlie does several sacrifices to help Raymond. For example Charlie had to let his girlfriend go so he could stay with Raymond.Also Charlie had to do such a long trip by land just because Raymond did not want to ride a plane. Sometimes sacrifices are made for personal conveniencewhich was Charlie’s interest at the beginning (he only wanted Raymond’s inheritance), but familiar love makes people become noble so at the end Charliebecame a good brother and also got what he wanted. Sacrifices are made for family and money.
In the movie Freedom Writers, Mrs. Gruwell and herstudents do several sacrifices. Mrs. Gruwell has 2 more jobs, she works in a hotel as a receptionist and in a store as a seller, this takes a lot of time ofthe time in which she could rest and be with her husband. Also she sacrifices her marriage just to be more time with her students. An example of thesacrifices the students do is Eva declaring against Paco so the Cambodian teenager’s real assassin will be in jail. Sometimes people sacrifice the ones theylove or respect to do the right thing.
Sometimes people need to sacrifice time. Sometimes money. Sometimes even love. So make the sacrifices worth it.
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