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Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi was born in Porbandar, in Gujarat. In that moment, India and many other countries were ruled by Britain. The British took control of India and had been taking lots of money in taxes to use this money to make India more modern, (built schools, roads, bridges, etc.). Even though, there was a lot of problems, like illness, no food for people to eat and the best jobs weregiven to the British.

Even though people in India were very unhappy because their country was ruled by Britain, the Ghandi family had more money than a lot of Indian families. His parents were both kind and his mother was very religious. He had been living part of his childhood in Pordobar but when his father got a new job, they moved to the city of Rajkot.

We think he used to have aquit and peaceful childhood. He wasn’t one of the best students at his primary school. He was shy, very honest and a bit fearful. After primary, school he went to Rajkot’s Alfred High School, where people were Muslim, Hindu and Parsi, although their lesson were all in English. He was interested in religion and used to enjoy listening about people different beliefs, but he didn’t believe in God.He used to dislike religion rules, but his mother was very religious, so he was used to follow some of the rules, like not to touch or eat meat. Mohandas constantly argued with his mother because he considered some of the rules discriminate some people (like the “Untouchable” boy who cleaned the toilets in their house), but he used to try to do what she said.

When he was only thirteen yearsold, Mohandas married Kasturbai Makanji Kapadia. His marriage was difficult the first years, and we think it was because they were too young, and he was not mature enough to take the responsibilities, that’s why she used to go out with her friends and family without asking him, when she had to. Even when they argued a lot, they still loved each other.

We think one of the saddest moments inMohandas life was when he was sixteen, while his wife was expecting a child, his father became very ill. Mohandas helped to take care of him, but one night, when his uncle took care of his father, while he was sleeping, he died. Soon after his father died, Kasturbai had a baby, who died few days later. All these events brought him down.

He went to Samaldas College in Bhavnagar after he left highschool, but he wasn’t happy, so a friend of a family said he should go to study law in England. Mohandas wanted, but his mother was worried about the money and the religious rules. His brother said he would pay for Mohandas to go to London, promising following the religious rules, so his mother agreed he could go.

When he first arrived to England, he felt strange and very homesick, it wasdifficult to him to speak in English, and because of his promise of following the rules, he couldn’t eat meat, so he couldn’t eat properly, until he found a vegetarian restaurant in London. He read a book about vegetarianism and though it was a good way to live.

Gandhi got used living in London and started enjoying it, and he did well in his law studies. He read books about different religions todecide which religion to follow. He travelled to Paris for the World Exhibition. He also went to an International Vegetarian Congress in London, where he was introduced to politics. After that, he started a vegetarian club in London. He was still nervous about talking in front of people, but he though it was useful for him.

After he passed his law exams, he returned to India. When he arrived,he met his brother in Bombay, and gave him some terrible news. Their mother passed away after she heard he passed his exams. Gandhi was very sad, but he was pleased to be with his family. His second son was born and he became closer with his wife. But he couldn’t find a job for almost two years, when he was invited to work in South Africa, and he decided to go.

When he arrived to South...
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