Global problems global solutions

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  • Publicado : 20 de noviembre de 2011
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“Global problems, global solutions!”

Are we taking seriously the problems that face us today in these days?

Honestly, the problems we face today, besides being known as drugs, pollution,poverty, human rights, human resources, economic crises, immigration and discrimination are therefore deeper than we think, these should not be considered the problems but consequences of them.

Looking alittle beyond what our eyes can see, we find problems that have to do with our survival instincts and exacerbations of selfishness.
The 7 heads monster of flamethrowers that we must attack withbombs, missiles, cannons, guns and all our technological weaponry that we have is called individualism.

But this monster does not come alone, but accompanied by her destroyers friends ambition toexploit wilderness and have more power, ambition of ruling by the power to submit to the people, and forget to disregard lower classes, government intervention in the other problems in other countries.These are the main problems that we should care for and attack immediately, before trying to wipe out the secondary problems such as climate change, drugs, poverty, because these are just a consequenceof Mr. individualism.

The Human Rights could be a bit like shields to protect against the wickedness of man.
That is why in the world laws are being reformed to give more weight to this part of thepopulation in its defense, is to recognize that the situation is not easy, since in many countries is not respected and not improved much since the entry of this shield in each country.

"That'swhy the Human Rights Day 2010 is dedicated to the Defenders of Human Rights and his courageous fight to end all forms of discrimination. We need to defend their rights as they defend us"

Let a littlereality in the world, as most of the world population lives in these days "poverty." A thousand 300 million people live on less than a dollar a day, says the United Nations Program for Development....
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