Global warming

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  • Publicado : 7 de marzo de 2011
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It was a night like all, but this one had something in special, a little bit colder, and darker, close to 1:00 am. A taxi was coming back home after a long day ofwork. There was not even a soul in the street, but while he was passing by the cemetery he saw
a girl asking for a ride. The taxi driver didn’t want to stop because he was so tired and it was too lateto be doing another stop. He then realized and thought that his niece that was 17 years old was raped and killed three years ago. The drive said to himself, “Poor girl, I can’t leave her here exposedto a miserable man.” The taxi driver went back to the girl that was asking for a ride, she approximately between 18 or 19 years old. While looking and admiring her beauty, the driver felt chills allover his body, which he didn’t give any importance, because the girl had the most beautiful and pure face that he ever saw.
The taxi driver asked her, “Alright young lady, where you want me to takeyou?” The girl looked at the driver right into his eyes and with a soft, sad, and weird tone she answered, “I want you to take me to seven churches, you choose.” Her answer left the taxi driver with asensation of mystery but he didn’t ask any questions and did what she told him too. The driver took the girl to the seven churches of his preference, where she spent around three minutes in eachchurch. She would leave each church with an expression of serenity but at the same time without leaving the sadness in her face.
After taking the girl to the seven churches, she asked the taxi driverfor another favor, “I’m sorry sir if I have been abusing of your help, you have been really nice and helpful, my name is Alice and I do not have any money to pay you right now, but I will give mynecklace, and can you do me one last favor? Go to this address, my father lives there, give him the necklace and ask him to pay you for your services, oh and tell him that I love him and to not forget...
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