Globle issus that never end

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There is one thing that is going to be always in this world and that is racism. This has been happening since the creation of the human race. Racism is aconflict that a person has with a several persons because of his/her color, gender, cultures, beliefs, social economic, religion and traditions. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary “racism: n. is abelief that some races are by nature superior to other; also discrimination based on such belief.” In order to know how to recognize a “racism” we must became aware of some of his/her traits, whichinclude dominate, aggressive, and discrimination.

When a person is racism he/she think that they are superior to others, and when they trite they dominate the inferior people. The dominateperson want to make the other to do what he/she say. There are people that abuse of his/her position of their jobs to dominate innocent people. Another example: is when the holocaust began is becauseHitler want to dominate, and traits the Jewish as slaves. Hitler thought that the Jewish were like fleas or mice, and that he have to trait them bad, and be dominant with the Jewish, and kill themafter all that he made them suffer.

The aggressive is a trait of racism, and there are many people that are aggressive with other persons that are different as them. When there is a person in ajob, and is a nurse or doctor, and a patient came, so the doctor or nurse see that the patient is different as them they race there voice or they do not want to attend that patient their beenaggressive with him/her. The aggressive person is always in bad attitude. One time one of my friend went to ask for a job and she went to make an application and she finish school and college and they told herthey cannot give her the job that she qualify for that job, but they did not gave her the job because she was Hispanic.

Discrimination is another trait of racism, and people discriminate...
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