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Title: Go ask Alice
Author: Anonymous
Setting: house, San Francisco, grandparents house.
Main characters: mom, dad, Alex, Roger, Jan, Tim, gran, gramps, Beth, Joel, and Chris.

This book is the diary of a teenage girl. She is going through all the changes that a teenage girl has to experience: she’s not very popular, doesn’t have the best relationship with her parents, she has ahuge crush on a boy at school, and is really worried about her appearance.
One day her father gets a new job in another town so they have move. She is kind of exited to go to a new school and find new friends; she wants to start all over.
When she gets there she realizes that is not that easy to be accepted in a new school, and she doesn’t know anybody and nobody talks to her, so her mom promisesher that she can go to her hometown and stay with her grandparents during summer vacations.
One day she meets a girl walking home from school. Her name is Beth, she is really nice, and they become best friends in no time.
They are inseparable, and she loves spending every minute with Beth, but when school is over Beth is going to a summer camp and she is going to her hometown with hergrandparents.

When she arrives to her grandparents house, she realizes that her friends are not there and that she is still a nobody. She is thinking to go back when and old classmate named Jill invites her to a little party she’s having. She is very excited, and she doesn’t care about not knowing anybody. Everybody at the party is really friendly and relaxed. They accept her and she was having a lotof fun when Jill and one of the boys brought a tray of coke and all kids immediately curled up together on the sofa and chairs. Jill explains that they are playing a game: everyone has to grab a bottle of coke and drink it. So she grabs one and sipped slowly, suddenly she begans to feel something strange inside her and one of the guys told her: “lucky you, 10 of 14 bottles of coke had LSD inthem”.
She got all scared at first, but then she was happy because she felt really good when she was on LSD, so she starts to go to more parties of the same kind and tries other drugs like: marijuana, and amphetamines. And then she starts having sex when she's stoned.
Later she realizes that was she is doing is wrong and she is all freaked out because she may be pregnant, so she stops going to Jill’sparties and decides to go back home, but before she leaves she steals her grandpa's sleeping pills.
Back at home, Beth comes back from the camp with a new boyfriend so they stopped being friends.
She is not pregnant. She keeps taking tranquilizers and sleeping pills.
She meets Chris in a boutique. Chris is a drug addict and when she tells her all her problems Chris gives her a little red pillthat will make her fell a lot better.
Chris is her new best friend and she goes back to drugs. She starts dating a drug dealer and selling drugs. So is Chris.
After a while she realizes that her new boyfriend is using her to sell drugs so she runs away from home to San Francisco City with Chris.
In San Francisco they rented a crappy apartment. Chris gets a job in a glamorous boutique and she ina jewelry store. They decided that they would not use drugs anymore but when Chris's boss invites them to a party in her apartment, where they take drugs again, this time heroin. She starts missing her family, and in one party she is raped by Chris's boss and her boyfriend, so they run away again.
This time they bought a bigger apartment with all they savings and they open a boutique, but aftera while they decided to go back home.
Her family is very excited and ready to help her. But there is a lot of pressure in school, and is really hard for her to not use drugs. Her old friends are stalking her and almost making her use drugs. So she falls again and this time is worse. Because she's happy to be back, this time she uses all kinds of drugs, and she runs away from home again while...
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