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  • Publicado : 30 de julio de 2010
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Nowadays with all this problems that we have in earth concerning to greenhouse gasses, global warning and all this kinds of contamination problems, many people are making conscious about this and aredoing a lot of campaigns to improve this and help to save the planet . One of these campaigns is Go Green. This initiative born with the necessity to preserve our planet and in the future ourchildren and grandchildren will enjoy the same natural resources as we do it now, we save money for their education, for their parties, for their weddings but we don’t think in save water and naturalresources for their lives .The green initiative is about all these kinds of simple actions that we can practice to preserve our planet green. We can go green in different stages of our lives; three of themost important areas are at home, at work and why not in our communities.
We can go green at home, in our own place, it is a good alternative and we can save the planet and save money at the same timedoing these simple actions. In my house my family and I, we do things such as saving energy resources like turn off the lights that are no need it in the moment, I think is unnecessary to have all thelights on when we have the natural light of the sun, another way to saving energy at home is try to not use hot water in the shower or at least reduce the use of this. Another action my family doesat home is buying organic products; we like to use this products because they are free in chemicals and help preserve environment, we use organic products such as shampoos, soaps and also some kinds offoods. All these little things as turn your TV off, not just on stand-by and unplug your phone chargers can make the difference.
Go green at work is not as difficult as we use to think, there are somany ways to preserve the planet beginning in our office or work places. Just a small amount of adjustments in the office and this one is on the way to being green. The first thing that comes to my...
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