Good parenting

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  • Publicado : 13 de octubre de 2010
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Cesar Jauregui
Mr. Eding
English 11-C
¨Good Parents¨
Good parents, what are they? A good parenting is establishing respect between parents and children.The child needs to know what you expect of him, and parents in turn must learn to listen and wait. If there’s no respect from children to parents we have lost all. Thetrouble is that so many parents have been too soft and never said “No” to their little ones. Then they grow spoil, because they are so used to do it their way and itsharder to change the course of the young soul, but not impossible.
Teachers may be related to parents; well at least I do it with the special and long-lasting ones.Atticus it’s a great parent, in the novel its represented as a moral backbone, which its just perfect for parents and good parenting because it gives a great internalexample for the childs. Atticus represents so much moral and integrity to scout that it would be really hard to believe that Scout wont be a good parent and a goodexample of citizenship when she is older.
Now this happens to me… my parents do so many mistakes that its pretty hard to respect them. Many of teenage souls can think thesame as I do. Doing this paper I realized and thought for a long time… it may just be me! I am the one who think they do mistakes, I am the one who goes all the wayaround things, when I just can go straight with the rules and not fight with my parents I don’t have to argue I want to argue. Maybe its just the way I am, or its just theage anyways parenting its just a role and being either students or sons it’s a role to. Parents and teachers have to live with it just as sons and students have to.
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