Good samaritan law

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  • Publicado : 1 de marzo de 2011
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Good Samaritan Law Alvaro Ortiz

Since human history has ever been recorded there is on thing that humans have never stopped doing. Crimes, cold and brutal crimes caused by anger, jealousy,insanity or even pleasure. In some of the crimes that have occurred in our history there have been witnesses and bystanders. Laws only punish the criminals and not any person that might have stumbled uponthe crime and did absolutely nothing to stop it. That is why we should have a Good Samaritan law that legally requires citizens to assist those in dire need.
When a crime is occurring it is usuallyin the streets or in a regularly public environment. So it isn’t rare that people might stumble or hear a crime occurring while they pass by that area. But what also isn’t rare is that people willsee or hear the crime and decide to ignore it, either by fear or by thinking somebody else will take care of it. This citizen will leave the scene and the victim will be left all alone to defend his orherself against an armed criminal. If the criminal is a deranged killer this person who decided to walk away was probably the only and last hope the victim had. Now a family will mourn a great loss,knowing somebody could have changed that.
There are many examples of where witnesses did nothing and let the crime take place. Kitty Genovese’s murder in the middle of the street, where 38 peopleheard or saw her die, but all of them thought somebody else would take care of it. Or David Cash stumbling in on his friend raping and killing a minor, he could have grabbed him away or called somebodyform security, but he didn’t because he was his friend. And the clearest one was Hitler’s massacre of the Jews, witnessed by millions who knew about the concentration camps and did nothing to stopthem until years later.

There are hundreds of examples where witnesses did nothing to stop a crime from occurring. The Good Samaritan Law would encourage people into taking action when a crime...
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