Good schools

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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2012
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sSonia Zazueta Corvera
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February 1st, 2012

Schools Are Were Knowledge Is Born
The flower that flourished in a warm place lives longer than the one that flourishedin a cold place. Students can are the flower and schools are their atmosphere. In order to have a good atmosphere for the students, schools need to have more than good teachers. Good schools makestudents want to be there. In order to make students feel welcome, comfortable buildings and a safe environment are the most important ways to make schools be good.
It had been said that good schools onlydepend on good students. certainly good students can learn wherever because good students don’t care how where or when they teach them they care only of what they learn and they don’t need buildingsor a safe environment to concentrate. Nevertheless if you offered comfortable and spacious buildings where the students can feel welcome and safe, the school would have good reputation and goodstudents look for high quality and recommended schools.

Comfortable and spacious buildings make schools be popular and renamed. Students concentrate more in comfortable classrooms. If they feel good andrelax they would like to be there, therefore; they would learn with good attitude. Also the more spacious buildings the more students can enter the good reputation increase with the number ofstudents.
Good relation with your teachers and classmates can make students feel in a safe environment. When students do not like the way teachers treat them, they feel uncomfortable and they would not feelenthusiastic for learning. This can delimit the academic potential of the student consequently the school would not have a high academic score. In the other hand, students who do not have goodrelation with their classmates usually feel very insecure and depressed. For example the bullying is one of the most popular risky problems that schools have and its very dangerous if the school does not...
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