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Customer Support
Upgrading the Software
The CF memory card (1) is located in the Navi box (2) attached to the backside of the travel trunk. NOTE: The Navigation System is a precision device thatcan be damaged by static electricity. Before touching the Navi box, discharge any static electricity by touching a metal area of your motorcycle outside the travel trunk. 1. Make sure the ignitionswitch is OFF. 2. Open the travel trunk cover. 3. Push the latch (3) on the left side of the Navi box to open the cover.

(4) Eject button (1) CF memory Card (3) Latch

(2) Navibox

4. To eject the current CF memory card, push the eject button (4) located directly above the card. Technical & Consumer Information 153

Customer Support
5. Turn the ignition switch to ON,start the engine. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, be sure there is adequate ventilation whenever you operate the engine. 6. When the screen below appears, do not press “ENT.” (If the Audio screenis on, press the DISP button to switch to the entry screen.)

7. Insert the new CF memory card. It automatically starts updating. The initial Navigation System screen (sunrise beyond the Earth) willappear. At the bottom part of this screen, you will see a text box with the messages “loader” and “updating from card.” After uploading is completed, this text box will disappear.


Technical& Consumer Information

Customer Support
NOTE: Do not remove the CF memory card or turn the ignition switch OFF before the updating is completed. Interrupting the complete program update maycause a problem in the Navigation System. If the update fails, consult with a Honda dealer near you. 8. About 30 seconds after the text box disappears, the initial Navi screen appears again, followed bythe entry screen. This means the update is completed. 9. Close the Navi box cover and push the latch to the right until it clicks. Check the cover is securely closed. 10. Close the travel trunk...
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