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Agreement & Disagreement

I. Complete the following conversation. Use the formal expressions to agree or disagree with the sentences in bold. Use every expression at least once.

Ryan: “Next month, we are going to have the 83rd. Annual Academy Awards. What movie do you like the most to win the Oscar?

Giuliana: I like the King’s Speech and I couldn't agree with youmore. agree – her husband). It is a wonderful movie and also, it won the Golden Globe Award.

Catt and Jason: EXACTLY. (agree)

Giuliana: Last year’s ceremony was fantastic!! It was the first time that a woman won the Oscar for Directing.

Ryan: I was just going to say that. (agree) For me, this year’s ceremony will be more predictable.

Catt and Jason: We beg to differ (disagree) We thinkthat there are some very great movies in competition. It is going to be hard to choose only one movie.

Giuliana No doubt about it.. (agree)

Ryan: I wouldn’t like to be one of the losers!! I won’t be in the mood to celebrate after the ceremony.

Jason and Ken I was just going to say that (agree)

Giuliana: I haven’t thought about what to wear in the Red Carpet yet. I don’t know which colorI’ll wear.

Kelly and Catt: You're absolutely right (agree) but we are very excited to see all those fabulous dresses!!

George: I’m very lucky!! The winners can choose the party where they want to celebrate their awards and _________________________. (agree)

Ryan, Giuliana, Kelly, Jason and Ken: __________________________. (disagree)

II. Complete the following statements using so,too, neither, and either.

1. Dolores hasn’t heard the tape, and _Niether do you_____. (you)
2. They enjoyed the movie, and ________________So did Carla__________. (Carla)
3. George is going to be late for class, and __So will they_______________________. (they)
4. Martha doesn’t know them, and _____niether do phil_____________________. (Phil)
5. The teacher will help us, and _______theapprentice too________________ . (the apprentice)
6. He wouldn’t say that, and ____neither do we_____________________. (we)
7. Teresa is intelligent, and ______her parents too______________. (her parents)
8. Jane couldn’t study for Math, and _____neither did Steven____________________. (Steven)
9. Michiko will leave soon, and ___________Mike and Ted too_____________. (Mike and Ted)
10. I wouldrather listen to music, and _______soo do my brothers_____________. (my brothers)

Passive Voice
I. Transform into passive.
1. We may organize a new group.
_____A new group may be organized by Us__________________________________________________
2. They are tearing down the building across the street.
________The building across the street has been torn down bythem__________________________________
3. We heard the cries of wolves in the distance.
_______Wolves cries were heard in the distance by us______________________________________________
4. The officer will surely ask us about the accident.

5. We have asked everyone the same question.
_____The same question has beenasked to everyone bys Us.__________________________________________________________
6. We advise our clients to turn off their mobiles inside the theatre.
__________Inside the theatre _____________________________________
7. What have you told your mother about the missing money?

II.Transform into passive.
1. They are constantly offering her new and exciting jobs.
_______New and exiting jobs are constantly being offered by them_______________________________.
2. You must give the teacher your personal details after the class.
_____________Personal Details after class___must be given to the teacher by you.____________________.
3. We've found her guilty of the crime and she...
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