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A sentence is a group of words that tells a complete idea.
Begins with a capital letter.
Many sentences end with a period (.)
Pam has a cat.---------------------------- This is a sentence
Jack the cat ----------------------------- This is not a sentence

A. Find the sentence. Underline the sentence.

1. Jack the cat ran.

The cat

2. For Jack

I look forJack.

3. The cat is in a sack
is in a sack

B. Find the sentence. Write the sentence.

1. Don saw a pig. saw a pig

2. The pig The pig is big.

3. in a pen The pig is in a pen

C. Choose an animal. Write a sentence about it. Use a word from the box in your sentence.

runs swims sits plays



A sentence has a naming part. It names a person, place, animal, or thing. The naming part tells who or what the sentence is about.

Max has a pig. The pig has fun.

naming part naming part

A. Read the sentence. Circle the naming part.

1. A wig is on the pig.
2. My hat is on the wig.
3. Max takes the hat.
4. Pam takes the wig.
5. The pig is sad.B. Read the sentence. Write the naming part.
1. One duck swims in the park.

2. The park has a pond.

3. Pat watches the duck

C. Complete each sentence. Write a naming part.

4. _____________________________________ is my best toy.
5. _______________________________________ is my best friend.

6. _______________________________________ is my best moth.A. Read each group of words. Write Yes if it is a sentence. Write No if it is not a sentence.

1. We have cows on our farm.
2. This dog.
3. Four white sheep.
4. My cat runs fast.
5. These pigs eat a lot.

B. Write the letter of the words that complete each sentence.

6. A cow ___________________________________
A) browns spots.
B) eats grass.
C) coldmilk.

7. My puppy ______________________________________
A) plays catch.
B) Really fast.
C) Loud woof

8. The rabbit ___________________________________
A) Very slow.
B) hops away.
C) big carrot.

C. Put each group of words in order to make a sentence. Write the sentence.
1. have can A spots. ladybug
2. bug A is pet. funny a
3. have I a
4. seeds. eats It


A sentence has an action part. It tells what a person or thing does.

Mom and I feed our pets. The dog eats.

action part action part

A. Read the sentence. Circle the action part.
1. My dog barks.

2. The cat plays with a ball.

3. Her bird sings a song.

4. The horse runs.

5. One fishlooks at me.

B. Read the sentence. Write the action part.

1. The pig jumps in mud.

2. The cat licks its paw.

3. Nan rides a Horse.

C. Complete each sentence. Write an action part. Tell what the animal does.

4. A cow ___________________________________________________________

5. A frog ___________________________________________________________6. A hen ___________________________________________________________


A telling sentence tells something. It is a statement. It begins with a capital letter. It usually ends with a period (.)

The bird has one egg.
The egg is in the nest.

A. Put a by the sentence that is right.
1. The nest is in the tree. __________

the nest is in the tree. __________2. we can see the nest __________

We can see the nest. __________

3. The bird sits on the egg. __________

the bird sits on the egg __________


A question is an asking sentence. It begins with a capital letter . it ends with a question mark (?)

Where are the animals?
Do you see the animals?

A. Underline each question.
1. We see the zebra....
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