Group proposal media globalization

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  • Publicado : 27 de noviembre de 2010
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Media Globalization: Melting the World Together
• How globalization speeds up / influence the speed and content of communication.
• How media acts as a tool in globalization
• How the improvementof media communication tool as an evidence of globalization
• Are Media using correctly the new tools on communication?, here we are going to present the example of the Chilean Miners and all thecommotion that caused on the media.
• We will show how the trend in global communication changes as an evidence of globalization. In the past few decades, the use of media has becoming morewidespreading and wide reaching. The form of media also changes. We would like to address the improvement in media as merging and integrating the world and the world citizens. Nowadays, media is a useful tool tobring us latest news from different parts of the world. We are more informed and aware the sense of global citizens.
• Research Question: Globalization is making communication faster, but is doingit better?
Our reasons for choosing this topic

Our reasons for choosing this topic are based on the fact that the global communications environment is growing faster than ever: the media istransforming, audiences are changing, PR objectives are adjusting, and technology is competing ahead.

Telecommunications, internet and media companies have in recent years been caught up in a process ofalmost continuous transformation, as the effects of digitalization, new technologies, increasing user power, and the economic and financial crisis in Europe and the United States permeate thecommunications sector. Convergence is now really making itself felt, through its debut in the mobility market, the living room and in infrastructure, ushering in a new mix of competitive challenges andadding a new dimension of fluidity and unpredictability to business models and calculations at all levels of the value chain. Government intervention will also make its mark as many countries adopt plans...
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