Guerra de america

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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2010
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Spanish American War

The Spanish American war was a war that happened because of the sinking of the “Maine” battleship and also by the lies of the yellow journalism of William Randolph Hearst andJoseph Pulitzer who where the owners of the newspapers in the United States in that moment. This war is also called the media war since one of the causes for this war beginning was that the media hadmanufactured a lie that Spain had sinked the maine battleship in a way that they showed hostility and this required drastic reactions toward Spains behavior. Also a cause for this war was that the USwas expanding itself and becoming a dominant nation which was colonizing and taking control of many nearby assets and most of this nearby assets included Cuba and Puerto Rico which where property ofSpain as also Philippines. So because of some interest in these islands the Yellow Journalism started to create a scene where the poor Cuban people needed to be freed from the oppression of Spain andthey needed help from the United States. So the Americans immediately started demanding for actions demanding president Mckinley to do something so he order the naval forces to go and check to theHavana where the incident of the Maine happened once this happened the congress addressed 50 million dollars to prepare the nation for war against Spain. And the United States after making this actionsinsisted Spain to stop oppressing the Cuban rebels and negotiate with them or if not they would intervene against Spain but Mckinley rushed and asked the congress for military force to intervene whichgave as a result a declaration of war against Spain. As also since they where in war against all spain the United States took the opportunity to go with Commodore George Dewey to go and attack Spainspacific colony which was Philippines. And then because of lack of resources a small group called the rough riders started to take action on the war having as there leader Teddy Roosevelt. So after...
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