Guerra de las malvinas

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  • Publicado : 28 de julio de 2010
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The Falklands Islands are formed by two large islands, Grear Falsland, Soledad and about 200 smaller islets. This territory is geographic characterized for several amounts of hills and cold weather.The Falklands people are dedicated to sheep and wool production. This islands are a British dependent territory, witch always have been claimed by Argentina. In 1764, French settlers from SaintMalo Falkland settled in the eastern territory from the island as the English settlers did the same in the West. In 1770, Spain acquired the French territory and in 1774 set away the English. ButArgentina ended the Spanish dominion in 1816 and in 1820 claimed sovereignty over the islands.

In 1829 the Argentinean city government created the political and military command over the islands. 1833,Britain regained control among the islands and where declared their colonies in 1892. Indeed in 1960, the United Nations (UN) invited the colonial countries to put an end to colonialism. Great Britaincompromised themselves to undertook the island. With time and they do not fulfill English, the UN asked the governments of both countries to end the dispute through negotiation.

This disagreementled to an armed conflict that (on April 2 / 1982) Argentinian troops landed and occupied the islands for 74 days, but on June 14 the British invaded the island, becoming “winners” in this assault, inwhich the Falklands War began. The british victory allowed them and justify the installation of a fortress in the Falkland Islands.

Since the constitution of 1985, the islands are administered by aBritish governor. Also the British Parliament granted British citizenship to the islanders. Nowadays, the Falklands remains as one of the last strongholds or “colonies” of European colonialism inAmerica. Since 1990 the two countries resumed diplomatic relations. The Falklands issue is not a border dispute but a conflict to resolve territorial sovereignty.

02/04/1982: After the...
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