Guerra mundial

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What is topic work?
Topic work is a way of organizing childrens learning and language learning around topics or themes of interest to the children.
The activities linked to the topic help childrento learn and practice language.
In the process children using English in a purposeful way to fin out things an do things which have meaning and interest for them and to communicate the result toothers.
Topic or theme-based work integrates language learning wich childrens subjet learning acroos the curriculum in a way wich takes account of how they learn.
How topic can be used as a basis forplanning and organizing language learning.
Planing for topic work: * Select learning activities
* plan organization
*decide on assessment procedures
*chosse audiences
*chosse a topic
*identifylanguage skills needed to do activities
*chosse outcomes
*identify pupils language needs
*decide on goals and objetives.
Analysing language, skills, attitudes in learning activities; analyse themto see what language structures, skills, attitudes. Identify which language structures. Check with the sy llabus and textbook to see what language structures. Adap activities in order tu ensure thatthey do provide practice in using some of the language you want to focus on.
The planning sheet below can be used for analysing the activities.
In topic work, pupils learn how to work together, howto fin out information, how to manage their work and present it. The emphasis on the process of learning and so we could say that one out come is the development of process skills.

How to organizetopic work.
Ther can be alot of work in volved in organizing topic work, so it is best to start small. In the following section we will consider some of the important things you need to decide ororganize in learning for topic work.

How much time do need?
Plan how long you want to spend topic work. Preparate on overall plan of activities insequence an other. Needed decide what burden of...
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