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A. Choose the correct word:
Fable moral personification |

1. A ________________ is a story that has animals as characters
2. __________________ is whenanimals act like humans
3. When something teaches you a lesson is a _________________

B. Circle the correct word to complete de sentence
Example: She (is/are) my best friend
1. Andreaand me (are/is) good friends
2. Students are very smart. (They/It) study every day
3. (A / An) cat plays with the yarn
4. The cat (does / do) catch a mouse.
5. We (doesn’t / don’t )like apple juice
Write the correct word and complete the paragraph
Balanced diet energy healthy food junk food
To have a lot of _____________ to study and do exercise we need to havea ____________________ and we need to eat ___________________ like
fruits and vegetables and try not to eat _____________________ like chips and candies.
Write the correct name of each image< ________________________
> ________________________
3 ________________________

Read the paragraph and circle the correct answer
It was time forthe Iroquois family to build a home. Tree poles from saplings were gathered to make the frame of the house. Then, they covered the sides and the roof with bark and animals hides. A turtle was paintedabove the two doorways. This was to let everyone know that this was the longhouse of the turtle clan. They planted crops of corn, beans and squash around their new home. When the time came theyharvested the crops. Now their house was truly complete. The family was safe and warm inside with plenty of food to eat for the winter

1. What is the story about?
A: A family and their house
B. A boyand his turtle
C. A tribe and their tepees

2. What kind of house did the family build
A. A tepee
B. A trailer
C. A longhouse

3. What covered the longhouse?
A. Brick and stone
B. Bark...
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