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  • Publicado : 15 de noviembre de 2010
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Denisse Dierdorf Mejía
October 6, 2010
Language B
IB Diploma 2

Dear Mother, My Beloved Queen,
I found no other way but this, to explain you my behavior for the last few days. I amconscious that lately I have made you strongly believe I am going mad, but I can assure you my mine is well. But there is something bothering me from some time ago.
I believe that what I will tell you mayexceed your belief of my madness. But there is no madness at all. That one, who shares your bed, is not but a traitor and has not told you the entire true. The true, my dear, is my beloved father didnot die in the circumstances we all know. I am afraid he was poison. And the worst is he was poison, an so killed, by the same snake that after his death leak to your own bed, and made you his queen.Ai, mother. What I tell you is the true. He who called himself the kings brother, my own uncle, your husbands brother, killed him. You may not believe me at all. But is the undeniable true. Hepoison him will he sleeped. My father did not expect him. It is sad to say, that he did it, with no other reason that the kings wife, my beloved mother, the queen, you. At all I am not saying you areresponsible for his death or for the acts of that you are marry to, now.

But the end is not jet here. I know about this horrible situation from my own father´s mouth. He call me in the night, hepresented himself to me in the form of a ghost. Dressed with his war clothes, like he was ready for a confrontation. He speak to me. He speak about it all. About the venom putted throw his ears that in justa moment killed him.

I am shure all this sounds mad, and indeed you think the worst of me. but it is true. He told me everything and I am afraid for me, and for you. By believing in my madness hemay think of me as an enemy and not as your very own son.

With no more to tell you, but remain you my untouchable love for you, I share my desire that this I have now shared to you, may not...
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