Guia para hacer un talkshow

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Building a TV Talk Show

The following material is a guide for building a TV Talk Show. This is going to help you how to organize your work. Firstly, you have to follow step by stepall instructions.

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Part I
Task: You are a great TV show conductor. And you are going to interview two famouspeople. One has to be a politician. And the other a great actor/actress. According to the task your work is organized interviewing two celebrities.
Follow the next steps.

Step 1. Welcome your talkshow. Step 2. Introduce your special guest. Step 3. Make your first question. After he/she answered, give your opinion about what he/she said. Step 4. Make your second and the third one question asthe first one Step 5. Give your conclusion Step 6. Say farewell to your guest. Step 7. Greeting your audience and say good bye. See the case in point (example):

A politician
Good morning ladies andgentlemen this is Paco de la Torre. This is One Day with Somebody Special TV talk show. Today we have an important guest in our program. He is the most important person in the chair! Here you arePresident of the Republic Dr. Alfonso Calderon Give a big hand!

Paco: Well come to our program Dr. Calderon. Alfonso: Thanks very much for inviting me. I’m glad to be here with all of you. Paco:Today we have three questions that our audience made us. The first one is What do you think about the organized crime in Morelia? Alfonso: This is a very hard work. But it’s not impossible to exterminate.Everyone has to denounce whatever crime. I think that with Morelia citizen contribution will this disappear. Paco: It’s important to participate denouncing crime in the phone numbers that appear inyour screen. Our participation is the best tool for combating organized crime. What are you doing now Mr. President? Alfonso: This week we are having a national convention for combating organized...
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