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  • Publicado : 4 de septiembre de 2012
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Michelle: we going to do the interview to Mariana, accused of steal the miss Javiera jewelry and get some evidence wi goin tu du de interviu tu Mariana,akiused of stil de mis javiera yulery and get som evidens
Mariana: what is offered. -Guat is oferd?
Michelle: we come to do the interview wi com tu du de interviuMariana: come on, but I haven’t all day.- com on bat ai javent ol dei
Michelle: May I sit here? Mei ai sit jir?
Mariana: of course – ofcorse
Michelle: Welllets beginning , what did you do the last friday night. Wel lets beginin. Wat did yu du de last fraidei naigt ?
Mariana: I was to the cinema .- ai was tu decinema
Michelle: Are you sure . are yu shur?
Mariana: Yes - yes
Michelle: then you don't to knew this woman? Miss Javiera? … den yu don’t neu dis woman? Misjaviera?
Javiera: This woman stole my jewelry.- Dis woman stol mai yuleri
Mariana: Not, is not true !!!! .- not is not tru
Javiera: Then how do you explainthat ! – den jou du yu explain dat
Mariana: Eeemm, …. i bought it .- emmmm ai bouz it
Javiera: How ??! .- jouu
Mariana: by internet .- bai internetJaviera: And why saying stolen?? .- and wai sein stolen
Mariana: Well ok, I stole it and what??? .- guel ok. Ai estol it and guat
Michelle: Ok thatenought, are you arrested by the thief of the jewelry. Ok dat enaf, ar yu arrested bai the zif of yuleri
Mariana: What? !! and if i don't want it? .- guat?! And ifai don’t wanit ???
Javiera: send her to the jail.- send jer tu de yeil
Michelle: And that is all for the today news . and dat is ol for de tudey nius
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