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#EsMuydeNacos pagar con monedas algo que cuesta 50 o másNano
The red badge of courage.
“And they were men”, this phrase refers to the courage the regiment had against the enemy. After fightingseveral battles and knowing that they were marching towards their death, they didn’t fall back and fought with a lot of passion until they won. That’s why the phrase after winning quotes “and they weremen”
The soldiers that didn’t run away from the battle field and those who were always in disposition for the captain and the troops were the once who were ‘the men’. Those Americans who fought withtheir flag held high were the once who were more satisfied of what they represented and achieved than the others. They proved to themselves that they were capable to fight anyone if they had a cause.The majority of the people think that the soldier with most courage is the one who fights the best and has the most merits in war and make a lot of rewards. People think that men in tanks airplanessniper are the once who are in the most of disposition for their country. I differ from those ideals y can tell you that those who fight in the front line of a battle field and have to suffer fromhunger, thirst, exhaustion, loneliness and many other factors are the soldiers that have what it takes to keep going on with life and are the once with the most courage and patriotism.
Finally, peopleshould know that the courage of soldiers who fight in troops are the once who are most afraid and should get those honors that they deserve for being out there that even though they loooe a battle orseveral battles they are not going to run they are going to die if necessary, that what courage is all about, that what real men are all about.
In conclusion, we, as the reader, can see how thecharacter had to take in a lot of pain through the war. But he understood that he couldn’t give up. He chose to keep going because he had a commitment with himself. If we compare the character from the...
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