Hambuerguesas en chihuahua

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  • Publicado : 13 de noviembre de 2010
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Hamburgers in Chihuahua
In Chihuahua there are a lot of places where you can buy hamburgers; there are food stalls, fast food places and restaurants.Around the entire city you can find a lot of food stalls where you can buy hamburgers, the most popular food stall of hamburgers are “Las Aguacatosas”,“Las Toxicas”, “Las Cangris”, “Las monstruo” and “Las Triples”, in my personal opinion “the aguacatosas” are the best because they have a lot of avocado anda love it.
Also we can find a lot of local fast food places my favorites are “Delibuger”, “Mandis”, “el cubano”, and “mechos”, Deliburgers are the mostpopular of them and they have a lot of branches around the entire city. Deliburgers are my favorite burgers because are cheap and are very delicious.If you´re looking for American hamburgers, here in Chihuahua are a lot of American franchises like “Wendy’s”, “Burger King”, “Carl’s Jr” And“MacDonald’s”, my favorite of them are “Carl´s Jr” but there are very expensive so I usually go to “Wendy´s”.
In Chihuahua are a lot of restaurants where you can findburgers, my favorites are the burgers of “smokehouse” there are burgers of rips, the burgers of “Las alitas” there are burgers of chicken, the burgers of“El Papalote”, “Applebee’s”, “Chili’s” and “Denny´s”. My favorites are the burgers of “Smoke house” because a love the rips.
In conclusion when you come toChihuahua I recommend, if you want a hamburgers go to Delibuger because I guarantee you are the best hamburgers of all the city of Chihuahua.
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