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SUGGESTIONS for USE (Version 1.32)
Introduction Welcome to the GENERIC POULTRY ENTERPRISE BUDGET(version 1.32, February 2003). This computer program was written in Microsoft Excel 2000 for a specific CIAS (Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems) project, but it is applicable to most kinds and sizes of poultry enterprises. The program format andmethodologies used are the outgrowth of a long series of various enterprise budgets and budgeting work carried on at the University of Wisconsin–Madison by Cooperative Extension farm management specialists over the past four decades. Cooperative Extension farm management specialists and Cooperative Extension poultry science specialists along with College of Agricultural and Life Sciences faculty memberswere involved in this budgeting work. General Suggestions It is strongly suggested that the user first read these “Suggestions for Use” very carefully. Then a copy of the program should be made and stored in a safe place. The program can then be installed on the hard disk or alternately kept as a working copy on another floppy disk. This working copy can be used to enter example input data to seehow the program operates. Be sure to keep at least one extra blank copy of the program to use as a current working copy. An example budget is shown on the worksheet entitled Poultry Budget Example. To become better acquainted with the program, it is suggested that the user put the example entries into the worksheet entitled Poultry Budget Test. In that way users can better see how the programhandles the input data and how the input data results in the output data format. Important: Input data should only be entered in the yellow shaded areas of the worksheet. The budget format as well as the entry section might seem at first look to be very long and complex. However, it is not! The reason for all the potential entries is that the program has been designed to serve many different types andkinds of users as well as varying kinds of poultry enterprises. Thus, several kinds of entries and output sections must be made available to serve such a very broad group of potential users. Most users will only use a fraction of the program input cells. Creating a generic poultry budget format necessitated having many entry possibilities to accommodate the various potential users. Each user canselect the entries that best fit their situation. Contents of the Program The program was written using Microsoft Excel 2000 with the Workbook format using a separate worksheet for each budget. These sheets can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate 1


worksheet tabs. The sheets and tabs are as follows: Intro. This is a brief statement that directs the user to this “Suggestions forUse” publication on how to best use the program. Poultry Budget Example. Clicking on this tab brings up an example budget for users to study and help them understand the program. Poultry Budget Test. Clicking on this tab brings up a blank budget so that users can make entries (preferably from the example budget) to become familiar with the program input and output. They then can enter their firstversion of their own budget here. Poultry Budget #1. Clicking on this tab brings up a blank budget format so that users can make their own entries and build their own budget. Users may want to test variations of their “test budget” here. Poultry Budget #2. Clicking on this tab brings up another blank budget format so that users can make their own entries and build a second budget for comparison. Havingextra blank budget formats enables users to build more than one budget so that comparisons can be more easily made. Also users can change a crucial variable(s) so that they can readily measure the impact of specific change(s) on the results. This helps answer the “What If?” questions so important in budgeting. Enterprise Budgets An enterprise is a single business undertaking for the purpose...
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