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Every human been has a purpose in life. Through stages each of us develops idealized abilities that allow us to concrete great achievements. These heroics doings are the ones that give fameand admiration to a person from the community in general. A hero is an illustrious warrior; a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities; one who shows great courage.
The imagination of alittle kid is amazing and powerful. As a child I had a super hero. He had black hair, brown eyes, somebody that could fix everything. I remember I used to fight with my friend over him. My hero was mydad. He was the strongest, the biggest, the wisest; the fastest and no other dad could do what he could do. Now that I am a grown up man he still is my hero. But, the reasons why is he a hero hadchange. He has worked so hard to give my siblings and me a better life. He had to go through difficult times in life but he never gave up. He is not the perfect guy but I admire him. I go to him every timeI need an advice because he is wise. He has live more than me therefore he is an experienced man that can show me what is wrong and what is not. “My hero couldn’t fly, climb up walls, or save theworld, but his influences played a huge role in who I am today. He took care of my basic needs; he played with me, laughed with me, taught me many things, and loved me unconditionally.” (A child’s hero).My dad was and he would be my hero always because he fills all the qualities that a true hero requires.
According with Hesiod “heroes belonged to a race different to the mortals and the gods.”(Demigods and heroes). Every character that had had a worthy destiny has to be named hero. In the poem The Odyssey Odysseus was the main character. He was the one who lead the soldiers to victory duringthe Trojan War. In mythology a hero is the brave man with supernatural powers. The character has overcome all the obstacles during his journey. Usually is a warrior who fights with demigods and...
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