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  • Publicado : 23 de enero de 2012
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-Support 8 chanenels(coins) self-programming without PC. -With an inhibit wire gor game board. -With 6ch. Parallel output for each channel(coin)control. -Support one coin then multi pulse output(impulse out ratio). -With narrow or wide impulse select(set sw4 on record mode). -Adjustable 4 kinds of coin thickness.

Multi coin mode: Beforeswitching on the dc power, put DIP-SW4 and SW5 on “OFF” position.

Accessory HI-09UCS or HI-09FCS Control board(pcb-09-2) 10p Signal wire User manual Screw bag(HI-09FCS only) 5P(09F) or 6P(09U) Signal wireInstallation Case 1: Using 10p signal wire connect HI-09UCS/HI-09FCS to control board(pcb-09-2).And need 4 wires connect control board(pcb-09-2) to game board. The 4 wires define as below: 1.+12V:fordc power(12 voltage). 2.GND:for dc power(ground). 3.IMPULSE:for credit signal(output signal). 4.INHIBIT:control by game board for enable or disable coin selector(input). Case 2: Using 5P or 6P signalwire connect to HI-09UCS/HI-09FCS another end connect to game board and meter. The 5P wire define as below(HI-09FCS only) 1.+12V 2.Counter(Meter) 3.GND 4.Impulse(Credit) 5.Inhibit

The 5P wiredefine as below(HI-09FCS only) 1.GND 2.+12 V 3.+12 V 4.Counter(Meter) 5.Impulse(Credit) 6.Inhibit

Record mode: Before witching on the dc power, put DIP-SW 4 and SW5 on “ON” position.

BEFORE PROGRAMMING: 1. Select 10 samples of each different coin type to be accepted.Use a variety of years mints to create an accurate representation of each coin. 2. Thelowest denomination of coins to be accepted will be the base value of all the others and will equal one or other ratio output pulse for the HI-09UCS/HI-09FCS. -If you want to adjust accaptable cointhickness just using crew driver into slot, push screw driver then scew to set the thickness position.

3. Select a ratio list of 8 kinds of ratio table.Then make sure the channel what you want to...
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