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  • Publicado : 4 de diciembre de 2011
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Mexicans battle cry
sizing and steel bridle.
And in their centers retiemble land the roar of cannon.
stanza I
Gina O Patria! yourtemples olive
the archangel of peace divine,
that in heaven your eternal destiny
by the finger of God was written.
But if a foreign enemy dares
profane your soil with its plant,
think oh dearFatherland! the sky
a soldier in each son gave you.

stanza II
Saw them in bloody battles
for your love beating their breasts,
shrapnel face serene,
and seek death or glory.
If the memory of pastexploits
of your sons inflames the mind,
memories of triumph your forehead,
become immortal Omar.
stanza III
As the lightning hit the oak,
collapses to the deep stream,
overcome discord, helpless,at the feet of the angel fell.
No more, your children's blood
spilling into war of brothers;
if I find the steel in your hands
who insulted your sacred name.

stanza IV
Zempoala immortalwarrior
terrible sword defends you,
and holds his arm invincible
your sacred banner tricolor.
He will be the happy Mexican
in peace and in war the leader.
because he knew his weapons of brightnesscircle in the fields of honor.
stanza V
War, war without truce to try
stain of the country coatsof arms,
War, war, patriotic banners
in waves of blood soaked.
War, war. On the mountain, in the valley
horrísonos cannons thunder,
and sound echoes resound

.stanza VIEarlier, Homeland, that your children defenseless,
under the yoke their necks bow down,
your blood watered countryside,
Blood is stamped onhis foot.
And your temples, palaces and towers
collapse with horrid roar;
and their ruins exist saying:
One thousand heroes here was the homeland.

stanza VII
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