Historia de la estación

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Important data about the history of the old train station.
We are going to start talking about this beautiful building:
Chapala has been an attractive and comfortable place for touristsand foreign people from a lot of countries in the world, and of course for Mexicans, between this people we can see the former President Porfirio Diaz who used to come for pass the Holly Week vacationsin company of his family and friends. Don´t forgetting the Norwegian Paul Christian Shejetnan Hansen maybe one of the most important foreign habitant in Chapala’s history, arriving at Chapala by theyear of 1908, he started a big change for the community history, his first great contribution were the sailing and steam vessels, at what he named the “Vikingo” and the “Tapatía”, the first one wasfor passengers and the second for bring things, this was in 1908, and for the year 1910 he did the first inauguration of what he named “El club de Yates”, and the second one in 1911 in that times itwas a floating house, that got burned in 1917.
By these year he formed what he baptized “Compañía de Fomento de Chapala S.A.” in the same year he bought the warranty of the project for 25,000 goldpesos. In March 9th of 1917 was celebrated the contract for start the construction of this building. On April 8th of 1920 was formally inaugurated the train station, designed by Guillermo de Alba.Martin:
The inauguration day the train had a route of 26 kilometres, from the Capilla to Chapala, crossing the Calera, Buenavista, Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos and Santa Cruz, finishing in Chapala.Starting in Guadalajara at the 9: AM and making a little stop in La Capilla, it arrived to Chapala Station at 12:45 PM, with a total of 53 passengers on board, for celebrate next with a banquet, at whatwere invited the Former Republic President “Don Venustiano Carranza” and the governator of the State in turn Luis Castellanos y Tapia, the two didn’t go. One of the most important functions; and very...
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