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  • Publicado : 4 de diciembre de 2010
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Emiliano Robledo Cruz
Jose Antonio deloera

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. ghandi

In my opinion what was more unfairof the caste system was how the kids were growed up in it.
It was all a racial life. Since the beginning of your life in the baptism was where everything started, it would make you feel different orless superior if you were below the gachupines or even the criollos.
It depends on what caste you are that makes you different in that time that would make you less superior.
For example if youwere a gachupin you lived a good life, you went to school, had a big mansion, slaves or even the best food. But if you were a indigenous person or a negro you would have lived in total misery because ofthe caste system, your economy would be extremely bad or even you would have to depend on someone’s money. Practically you wouldn’t have rights or a voice in the society. Imagine being a child in thattime.

See the difference in the pictures above every single thing is different from the other image. The way that they are dressed, the skin color the whole life.
From the start of your life youeither lived in heaven or in misery.
Now lets look the houses of the different castas. Imagine as a child living in each f this houses, how it would radicly change your life:

The conditions oflife were extremely different. Being a child during the caste system wasn’t easy. It was a racial life full of injustice. The economic for the top caste system was incredibly good they had everythingthey could ask for. Slaves, food, a good home, school, the best fashion everything.
In the other hand people below the high castas lived in an extreme poor environments, with no economic, sometimesthey depend of their masters they were slaves.
Of course the high castas had all the power on the political world during the caste system. They controlled the town, the people and how they would...
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