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Hi, I just want to be clear about why I think we need be just friends
I´d nothing to be with another man so you knowis simply that you are looking for a musulman woman and I´m not and you won´t ever make a future with me
I´m 40 years old ,divorce with a son and I don’t have time to waste with you. It does´t meter how much we enjoy each other company. I have to make achoice to be open to meting someone I can make a future with; otherwise the years ´ll pass like this last year and I don’t want to waseanother 8 years like your ex girl friend for nothing…and I ´ll be older and alone and I want a family and I know it wont be with you..Think about it!
Hope you understand right now I´m still young enough, attractive enough that I can meet someone else who wantsme, 10 years from now it won’t be the case…..
I´ll would like to keep in touch with you as just friends and If you still wants tocame someday to visit you can came with a friend stay in a hotel room and we can hang out for dinner or some tours… wish you thebest in life and hope you find who you are looking for but do it now before is too late! I know you would like to have kids and afamily cos´your mom wont live forever and when she has to leave you´ll be old and lonely …sorry to tell you this but I need to…. Xoxoxox
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