How do advertismentswork

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How do advertisements work?

The world of ads is a “make believe” world: Every problem could be solved only to
buy a certain product! This is a trick of the big companies to increase sales.Tricks of advertisers:

-pleasant accociation of ideas:
in ads appear a certain lifestyle that many people are dreaming of, but they will
never achieve (beauty, success, money,…)

-objects ofidentification
2 kinds of people

a) a famous person (actor, pop-star, …) says, that a product is very good. So the
audience imitates this behaviour and they buy the product

an ordinary person(neighbour, friend,…) say that they use a certain product.
The audience identifies with the person, and because of that they buy the product.
(Rich people i.e. prefer a successful looking guy in ads-> poor ones with porr

-emotional style
people should develop an emotional attitude to an advertisement (the product) i.e.
the like childish and lovely things like speakinganimals, babies,…)

- factual style
ads try to create the impression of objectivity and truth. I.e. a “expert” (ordinary
person with a professional outfit) says something about the experiences with aproduct. The audience think, that this expert-comment is true and they buy the
product from the ad.


Women are sex-objecs in ads. Even when they have nothing to do with the
product,they apperae in the ad (half naked girl on a sport car, …)

In ads, stereotypes appear stronger than in normal life:
i.e. car ads: man: technics, speed, power of the engine
woman: beautiful shape,comfortable for shopping or to take children to school

subconscious influence

all problems will disappear when you buy a certain product. I.e. older =>
cosmetics, car accident =>insurance, …

styles & technics of advertising:

ads should attract to the people’s attraction, but they shoulden’t offend public
taste. Because of that advertisers try to find compromise between...
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