How global is your wardrobe

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  • Publicado : 17 de noviembre de 2010
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How Global is your Wardrobe

In this assignment we are required to look into our closet and take inventory of clothes and determine where it was manufactured. This assignment isimportant to understanding “geographical interdependence” because it shows that economy has no borders and that we really live in a one world economy. World Powers like the United States, England, France,etc. consume more than they can produce, add the desire to make a profit and you got outsourcing. Every country depend on some other country in one way or another whether is for oil, food, manufacturingno single country can produce and consume everything.
When selecting which garments would make it to the list I used a simple method I first divided the closet ion major items: shirts, pants,jackets, shoes, and hats. At first I tried to just pick items at random but that didn’t work too well. It seems that most of my cloths tend to be of the same brand instead I “picked” pieces that wereof different labels but still followed the same grouping patterns. I placed the information in the map based on where was manufactured and how many items were manufactured in that market inparenthesis.
Out of the twenty items that were selected China “led” the way with seven pieces. Mexico came in second with four items. In distant third came Bangladesh with two items. The other countriesrepresented: Madagascar, Honduras, Jordan, Thailand, Oman, Dominican Republic, and United Sates each had one a piece.
All the garments evaluated but one are American Companies (except Adidas)but only one made clothes in the United States. Also interesting is the fact that only two brands have headquarters in major urban centers (Lugz – NYC and Levi Strauss – San Francisco). The one itemthat caught my attention the most was the shirt manufactured by Xtreme Couture in my opinion an abnormality in the garment industry that has more to do with the principles and beliefs system of the...
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