How submarines work

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how submarines Works
Submarines are designed for use at great depths. Their rigid, double-walled hulls allow the crew to live and work normally underwater for as long as air and power supplies last.Submarines are steered by turning a rudder left and right.
One of the first submersible vessels was built around 1620 by a Dutchman named Cornelius van Drebbel.

Types of submarines
1. Uboat: is a german submarine
2. Midget submarine: midget refers to anything being small in stature
3. Personal submarine: ia personal submarine that is used to recreational or research porposes4. Deep sea submergence vehicle: it is used in the deep water to research porposes
5. Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicles: is used underwater naval rescue operations


Materials tomake a submarine

* empty 16 or 20 oz. plastic soda bottle with hole in cap (the hole should be big enough to pass a flexible straw through)
* three wide rubber bands
* 24 pennies
*aluminum foil
* adhesive tape
* flexible straw
* large tub of wáter
1. Cut three holes in side of the soda bottle.
2. Stack the pennies into three piles containing 4, 8, and 12pennies.
3. Carefully wrap stacks of pennies with foil.
4. Place a rubber band around the plastic bottle and slide it next to the closest hole. Position the other rubber bands next to the tworemaining holes.
5. Place the four-penny stack under the rubber band closest to the bottle's top.
6. Place the eight-penny stack under the middle rubber band, next to the middle hole.
7.Place the 12-penny stack under the last rubber band (NOTE: The weights should be next to the holes NOT over them.)
8. Push the shorter end of the straw (about 1 inch) through the hole in thebottle's cap. Reattach the bottle cap to the bottle. Keep the flex section outside and bent upwards. Tape straw securely into place in bottle cap.
9. Lower the "submarine" into the water. Do not let...
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